Guide to Your First Party with Co-Workers Pt. 1

So, you’ve finally been invited to a party hosted by one of your co-workers. Though this is an exciting opportunity, it is not weird to second think accepting the invite. My thought: Why the hell not?

Think about it – you are with your coworkers for a big portion of the day and although most people want to shy away from the idea of being too friendly with coworkers, just brushing that territory may not be that bad.

Here are some reasons why having a drink or two with co -workers might be worthwhile:

  1. Trust

Getting know your co-workers on a more personal level can promote trust in the workplace. You don’t need to spill your guts out, but being more likeable can make a coworker trust you a little bit more.

  1. Connections

We all have different hobbies outside of work and this just may be the time to find out that you have something in common with someone. else. Going to this party might be a great time to get to know some coworkers that you might not know so well. There are plenty of people who may not work directly with you that you may have a lot in common with.

  1. Truths Uncovered

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the people you work directly with. Can they handle their alcohol? Are they a huge gossip? Keep in mind that those same set of eyes are watching you, so make sure that you act appropriately.

  1. Breaking tension

I am not advising that you use this time as a come to Jesus moment, but I do advise that you utilize this setting to break the ice. If there were any tension between you and a coworker, this gives you an opportunity to show them a different side of you and it gives you the same chance to see them in a different light.

  1. You may decide to go again…or not

So, the party might have sucked. They don’t like the same music as you, the food wasn’t that good and the conversation was dry. If you feel as though this is the type of event that you need to bow out to next time, do not feel bad about that. What is important is that you showed your counterparts that you are a team player.

All in all, the first invite should be accepted but not taken lightly. For tips on how to conduct yourself at a function with co-workers, await for part 2…



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