My Top 5 Favorite Websites for Career Resources


I absolutely love this site! Every post is an interesting read and it does not feel like homework researching for resources. While updating my resume and cover letter, I found some great templates and I’ve been hooked ever since. The site covers not only resources for a potential job search but also everyday occurrences in the workforce.


This site does not need an explanation. Forbes is an expert for business trends, resources, or if you just simply want to know how much money people are making. If you are switching career paths, Forbes offers wonderful articles to help you find out more information about various career industries.

  1. College Career Centers 

Most colleges do a great job in preparing students for the workforce and by doing so, they provide resources. I say take advantage of these resources as much as you can. These resources may be available online or in the local office (you should check the school’s directory).


This career-focused social media platform is not only designed to look for jobs, but you can read and publish articles for the masses. While being a recruiter, this was a major tool in locating entry level and executive candidates. With this site, you can update your career information and “market yourself” for future potential employers.


When you think of “career resources” you may not think of Lifehack, but trust me, you don’t want to underestimate any tips given on this site. In my opinion, any tips in regards to finances, healthy living, and making life tasks more efficient is only going to enrich your career.


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