5 Female TV Characters that Inspired Me to Get My Sh*t Together

Have you ever watched a show and got so inspired by a character that you wanted to be like them? Hopefully, it’s not just me! There has been plenty of shows that I’ve watched and gotten attached to one of the characters. Sometimes a character is so badass, you can’t help but draw from them. As far as badass women on TV, there are so many- I couldn’t list them all, but here my top five:

1. Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project is quirky, funny and happens to be a doctor. Even though her methods for dating may be too abrasive for me personally, she goes after what she wants with no apologies. Her style is anything but low key, she wears bold and vibrant colors with patterns while still being professional. Her loud, sarcastic and unapologetic approach to life is something that I wanted to embody, only on a smaller scale. I mean, who doesn’t want to boss ass doctor with a sense of humor?

2. Olivia Pope

Olivia or “Liv” is the epitome of a woman who takes exactly what she wants- she shows us every Thursday on Scandal. I imagine myself doing the same (minus the whole sleeping with a married, President thing), but I want to take what I want and not think twice about it. If you’re a fan of the show, you know that Olivia has been in the presence of people with great influence i.e. Papa Pope. I too need to be in the presence of people who have great influence (or at least want to). All in all, she is one of the baddest women on television. I admire her determination and her unwavering passion for winning at all cost.

3. Betty Suarez

This is a throwback! Ugly Betty was a TV series about an “ugly” aspiring writer who got a job at a high-end fashion magazine. As she works through various problems in the workplace and being looked down upon, she learned to not let anything stop her. She was witty, awkward, and smart as hell! Even in her awkwardness, she had an interesting love life and her loyalty to her inner self never wavered. It’s so easy to feel bad about yourself when there are people around that will constantly remind you of your flaws. She never hid her insecurities, instead, she accepted her flaws and still won. She won the career, the life and hell, even got the guy.

4. Maxine Shaw

I just want to say that Living Single was one of my favorite shows of all time and this character had everything to do with it! She was brazen, funny and loyal to her friends. Her career meant so much to her and she never let a guy get in her way – and she had her fair share of guys. She could be sexy in a power suit and still be relaxed with her girls after work. She also made me realize that just because you have a career, being frugal is always in. Of course, I won’t mooch off of my friends like she did, but I never turn down a free meal. She had zingers for days and she really let me know that I had to step my game up.

5. Bree Van de Kamp

This statuesque red head was the “step ford wife” of the crew on Desperate Housewives. When the series started, no one would have ever guessed that she would have been an absolute boss. Her character showed me that you can turn your passion into a lucrative business. Even though she kept her composure through most of the plot twists, to me, she was the most savage of them all. She loved her family with such fierceness and she made sound decisions regarding her business. She was the perfect depiction of a girl boss.

There you have it! All of the boss women who have inspired me throughout the years. Even though they are fictional, I appreciated a bold woman who goes after what she wants!


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