Stay Motivated: How to Not Give Up by Friday

We’ve all been there: You run at full to semi capacity all week at work and then by Wednesday or Thursday, you run out of steam. You’re sitting at your desk while stress is piling up and you ask yourself, “Is it even worth it?”. By Friday, you’ve run out of motivation so much you want to just roll out of bed and just go. We do this week after week and it seems like a never-ending cycle.

So how does one simply not give up by Friday? Well, to be honest, I haven’t gotten it all figured out myself, but here are some tips that I use to keep motivated throughout the week.

  1. Have a Plan

Come up with 3-5 goals for the week at work. This will ensure that you get things done during the week and you remain productive. How do you plan? Assess your week. What are your deadlines and what is something you can get a head start on? This also goes for outside of work. Review your week to see if there are any appointments or engagements that you may need to pay attention to.

  1. Plan something enjoyable for lunch

Maybe cook a recipe that you’ve been dying to try and bring some for lunch. If you use your lunch as an incentive, then that will give you something to look forward to. Another idea is making plans for lunch. Plans such as lunch friend, reading a book or trying out a new café nearby are all great ideas. If you want to be more active during your lunch, you can go for a walk or take an exercising class. Also, now is the time to use your planner! Schedule your plans in your planner or calendar like you would any other appointment.

  1. Run errands

I always use my lunch hour as a time to run any errands that I’ve been putting off. It is a feat time to schedule any dentist or doctor’s appointment because I don’t have to take time off to get it done. It is also a good idea to try to pick up any groceries or household items so you don’t have to go through afternoon traffic after work.

  1. Plan rewards for yourself

I recommend this is if you are really feeling discouraged throughout the week. Try planning something nice for yourself on Monday afternoon, Wednesday and Friday to help you get through the week. The rewards can be as simple as a dessert, a nice bath or a trip to the mall. If you’re in a relationship, plan a nice evening with your significant other, this may give you the recharge that you need.

  1. Think About Your Future Goals

Let’s be real. Most of us would love to spend our days in bed or on the beach, but working is a part of life. For those weeks where you lose sight of this and have the urge to throw all caution to the wind, I encourage you to remember the plan. Whether it bills, starting your own business, or getting a promotion, there is a reason why you’re there. You must believe in that.

Here’s a tip: For those good weeks and bad weeks, write down affirmations or good things that happen. Keep this in a place at your desk or electronically on the computer. These words will give you hope as you start to give up.

Hope these tips help! The next time you just want to never go to work again, remember these tips. We have to stay motivated!!!


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