Why I Decided to Offer Resume & Cover Letter Services


When searching for a job, your resume and cover letter are the two most important things that could make or break your experience. According to an article by theladders.com, “a recruiter spends approximately 6 seconds reviewing a candidate’s resume.” With my experience in recruiting, I absolutely agree with this study in more cases than not. When recruiting in high volume for a position that needs to be filled quickly, there is only so much time allotted to a recruiter to review a resume and cover letter.

I completely realize that these facts can be disheartening to a determined candidate who needs to find a job. After seeing so many candidates with great resumes and some bad, I fell in love with career development. I know how important a resume, cover letter and even the initial interview is crucial in anyone’s job search, so  I have decided to offer services.

My services include professionally written resumes, cover letters, and interview coaching. These three factors alone hold a lot of weight, but I also recognize that your resume needs to reflect your experience, so I offer these services at all three levels of any career: entry level, mid-level, and senior level. Each document customized to fit each individual’s experience in a genuine way.

In addition to resumes and cover letters, there are two other very telling things about a candidate: their presentation. Whether this is online via Linkedin or in person during an interview, both are very important in reviewing a candidate’s fit for the position. Knowing that I offer interview coaching for various types of interview preparation and a review of Linkedin profiles. 

You may need interview coaching if:

  • You need confidence before an interview
  • You need to know the right questions that will most likely be asked and questions you may ask
  • It has been a long time since you have interviewed
  • If you are changing careers

So if you need to freshen up your resume, prepare for an interview or want to revamp your profile on Linkedin, contact me for a FREE consultation. I will tell exactly what you need to nail your next job for your career. Hope to hear from you soon!


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