I Went Vegan For 2 Weeks, This Is What Happened

i went vegan
I love meat. More Specifically, I love wings, ribs, steak, and seafood. But after feeling fatigued for many weeks, I thought I would give my body a detox. I really don’t like detox cleansing methods where I am not eating actual food, so I thought that being on a vegan diet for a few weeks would be the best way to go.
This was a difficult decision in the beginning, but I stuck with it. This is the raw truth about what happened:
Day 1
I woke up revved up and went grocery shopping. I stuck to my list, but I learned very quickly that being vegan can be somewhat expensive. I fell into the trap of thinking that I had to buy every vegetable known to man when I should have just gotten a few. I researched a few recipes and I did my first meal prep. Needless to say, the first day was a success.
Day 2
I packed my lunch for work and made sure that I brought oatmeal for breakfast. I learned from my hunger the day before that packing snacks would help me on my journey as a new vegan. I got a lot of questions and many were skeptical, but I was starting to get the hang of this whole vegan thing.

Day 3-5
I spoke too soon. I was hungry all of the time and I was not prepared for the frequency of the um “detox” process. Even still, I stuck to it and got really excited about the weight I was losing. I attempted to work out hard in the gym, but kept it to only cardio those days because passing gas while doing abs was a huge struggle for me.
Day 6-7
The first week was over! I was super excited that I had accomplished a full week and I was as regular as ever. I have never really stuck to any kind of diet so the fact that I was into week 2 was a huge achievement for me. I started to feel energized in the morning, and I had gotten used to always having a healthy snack nearby.
Day 8
This was a Sunday, aka my lazy day. I didn’t feel like grocery shopping again so I decided to make a lentil chili that I found on Pinterest, not the best, but it did the job. I filled up on chili and used that as a base for my meal prep for the week just adding healthy snacks to supplement the meal throughout the day.
Day 9-10
I was craving wings, steak, lobster, and really any type of meat that I could get my hands on. I opted for a portobello burger instead, though a part of me was disappointed that it wasn’t a rib-eye or a spicy tuna roll. Nevertheless, I continued to talk myself into being diligent in this way of life for the rest of the week.
Day 11
This was an easy day. I went to the doctor and to my surprise, I had lost 3 pounds from my last visit. This was such a great feeling because I have been trying to lose weight for months and it was extremely difficult, so you could only imagine the excitement  I felt when I found out that this diet had been paying off in more ways than one.
Day 12-13
The last few days went by quickly, but I could not help but feel anxious to taste the deliciousness of chicken wings again. To be honest, it was kind of overwhelming and I was dreading that I couldn’t eat what I wanted. However once again, I held back on my cravings and continued because I knew tomorrow was the last day.
Day 14
I tried to hold out, but I ate wings and it felt great…until it didn’t and I regretted it….I was really disappointed in myself in the end because I knew that I was capable of holding out, but I just gave in to my desire for chicken wings on a whim. It was not worth it, in the end, in fact, it was the one mistake that I wish I could take back during these past two weeks.
        My 2 weeks was nothing compared to some people who eat this clean every day. After this challenge, I DEFINITELY take my hat off to you. Though it was just for a short time, I can tell you that I am not fit to be vegan, but I now know how to eat healthier and while still being able to eat actual food.
       Since I am no longer vegan, I have noticed that I indulge in things like cookies, bread, and cheese, which I have to dial back from an only satisfy that craving sometimes. I’m less regular than I was within those two weeks, but I also don’t have to overthink every meal that I eat, which affords me freedom. I love the feeling that eating vegan gave me, but I think there should be a balance. I’ve started eating clean during the week while allowing myself to indulge on the weekends keeping in mind to moderate what I eat. So right now, I consider myself a part-time vegan.
       What has really helped me is Vegan 101: A Vegan Cookbook: Learn to Cook Plant-Based Meals that Satisfy Everyone, this cookbook offers some yummy recipes while making cooking fun! I encourage anyone who is just starting out as a vegan to get it, the recipes are really easy!
        All in all, I found out that I’m not about the vegan life, but I definitely encourage everyone to eat as clean possible, I hope that my experience resonates with someone and encourage them to give it a try, even if it may not be for you in the end.



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