Deets with Diane: The Struggle is REAL

Hey guys! Since my life has been so hectic since moving to North Carolina, I decided to do a  post updating everyone on the foolery that is my life. As far as foolery, January was no different, especially since it was my birthday month. If I could describe January in one word it would be “eye-opening” (I feel like that’s really two words, but you get the point). 

Even though January was a whirlwind, February has me feeling extremely motivated. I finally finished some major projects that have been on my task list for quite some time, so yes, I am feeling pretty damn proud of myself.

I swear the best feeling in the world is checking things off of your to-do list. 

I promise to you, the only thing that has helped me do this is my planner, but let me tell you – it has been a STRUGGLE to get to this point.

Speaking of struggle, traveling round trip from North Carolina to Michigan for my birthday during snowstorms had my anxiety through the roof! I am already not the best at flying so add in a record-breaking snowstorm, you could imagine how frantic I was.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Other than the horrendous weather conditions, the trip went very well. I was able to hang out with close friends, felt really confident and got a really great gift. I haven’t that much fun (or alcohol) in a VERY long time.


The process of getting back to normal after such a draining trip was honestly the best thing ever. I started eating a healthy diet and working out regularly which got my creative juices flowing. This is not cliche, I truly feel my best when I am eating and living healthily.  Whenever I ate healthy before, it was to lose weight, this feeling is on a whole different level.

I got these at Aldi and they are really delicious with avocado & vegetables!

In the spirit of being creative, Little Lady, Big World shop has new products! The new “Blogger Vibes” t-shirt is inspired by all of the #girlbosses I’ve been able to meet along this journey. These t-shirts amongst the “Coffee & Prayer” products can be found here.

Blogger Vibes Tee

Big Things Coming Up…

I have so many new things that are in the works! I have been thinking for a while about highlighting career-focused women who manage to keep everything balanced. The career spotlights are interviews with women from different industries, backgrounds, and professions that are meant to get different viewpoints on what work-life balance really means to them. To submit yourself or someone you may know to be featured on Career Spotlights click here

So that’s it! I am sure that the craziness in my life will only get better, so stay tuned for more Deets with Diane!





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