Could Sex or Flirting Improve Your Career?

Written by Okonkwor Ugochukwu Stephine

Have you ever heard of anyone who used their body to move up the ladder of their career? Which gender do you think practices it the most? Let me guess, the female gender?! What happened to the male gender flirting or trading sex to move up their career? The truth is, in some of the biggest organizations/firms, the male gender are at the top and this makes it difficult for women who are ambitious and sexy to have an interview without them being ‘hit-on’ and if they pass through the interview stage, their male bosses would flirt with them or ‘hit-on’ them with the regular clause ‘you are beautiful and smart, and I see how hard you work here, you have a passion for this job and this firm, however, if you want to climb up the ladder you have to lay with me’. This is also common between a female and a male, for instance, in relation to a female staff and a male client, if the boss does not care how the job is being done and because she likes her job, she could be pressured to flirt or have sex with the client.

This interaction occurs in the creative space as well, especially the growing or “up and coming” artists who meet clients that love their arts and they tell them that they would help them publicize their work only if they have sex or flirt with them. I feel these artists are on a different level, because they come across in a shapes and sizes including variations in sexuality. Unfortunately, many people in the creative industry, due to how desperate they want to be known it the industry, become really vulnerable. So, they leave their 9-5 job that is a steady means of income to focus on their passion, which is art, (where there might be a lack of moral and financial support); and a client comes their way and promises to give them all they need, they become vulnerable and often time take the offer, just for their work to be seen or heard.

IS THERE REALLY A SOLUTION TO THIS? In my opinion, there is not one specific solution- no matter what the affected person should stand with his/her belief and just keep on promoting his/her work and do the best work they can. In another instance, a person may find themselves fallen to vulnerability, they can as well break the contract of sex when he/she feels accomplished in the industry. All in all, it is so unfortunate that interactions such as these occur in the workplace and it is difficult because it is not a “one fits all” solution to a long standing problem in many communities.


Delta Girl - bio pic
Okonkwor Ugochukwu Stephine is a 21 year old law student currently at the Nigerian Law School. She is a blogger at The Unorthodox Delta Girl, her blog can be said to be her diary to the world. She loves to eat, sleep, and write. I’m a very happy child.
Instagram: @delta.girl_
Twitter: @deltagirl_

3 thoughts on “Could Sex or Flirting Improve Your Career?

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