Spring-ify Your Desk Decor

Spring has sprung! It is getting warmer outside and the birds are chirping while the flowers are blooming. For most of us, during the week you have to enjoy most of the day from your office or workspace, which can be a bummer. Even though you can’t change the fact that you probably will be tied to your desk during this time, there are ways to brighten up your work area and even encourage productivity so you can experience the essence of Spring. 

Please be aware that affiliate links are used in this post, so if you click and purchase anything we would get a commission at no extra cost to you. All of the decor images were provided by Karen Grant; please check out her Instagram page to see all of her cafe adventures and pictures of her adorable dachshund Theo. Now that we have that out of the way – on to the tips!  


KBG Cubicle-6
Image by Karen Grant 

One simple way to invite a new vibe to your work area is to straighten up a little bit. By utilizing Clorox wipes and organizing your space, your space can be more streamlined and effective. Spring is clean, open, and fresh so making your sure your work area are all of those things are key for putting you in the mood for Spring. You can also use decorative organizers for paper clips, documents, and even desk goodies like candy. 

Plants and Flowers

Personal Touches
Image by Karen Grant 

This is the best time of year to buy seasonal flowers or succulents. I really love the look of succulents because they make the desk look clean and they do not die as quickly as flowers, which are great for year round.

  • As for flowers, think of light fresh colors – yellows, pink, white, and purples will give you Spring vibes for sure.

Open a Window

To encourage productivity and your sanity (*cough, cough) try opening a window. This will allow the fresh air to circulate around the room and elevate your mood while you listen to the birds chirping, thus enjoying an environment that may be brighter than your own. The fresh air can give you a sense of energy and help you beat the afternoon fatigue.

  • Note: If you are unable to open a window, be sure to go on a short walk outside. Getting fresh air throughout your day is great for your mental health. Get that Vitamin D!

Pictures and Memoirs

I would say that this tip can be incorporated all year long. For most people, you are at work more than you at home during the week, which means that there is a significant time you are not physically with your loved ones. Print off some pictures of the ones loved ones and put them in a nice frame for your desk.

  • Find quotes, mantras, or sayings that you love and print those off. These can give you inspiration during the week and add to your decorations.
  • Dress up your computer screen with seasonally appropriate pictures, such as flowers or things that may inspire you.

Spring Scents

Personal Touches 2
Image by Karen Grant 

There is nothing like walking past someone’s desk and smelling a great scent. Something about it just uplifts your day. Try doing this yourself by incorporating spring scents into your desk decor.

  • Air diffusers – anyone who has worked with me knows that I LOVE essential oils. There are so many benefits and different combinations you can create.
  • Lotions and hand sanitizers – There are so many scents and aromas that are offered in body products. Bath and Body Works are top notch when it comes to strong scents, and they always have new ones for each season.
  • Note: Please be mindful of those around you. Even though the best feeling is having great scents around you, there is nothing worse than being overpowered with scent and activating allergies. I’m telling you, it is the ABSOLUTE worst.

With these tips, there is no doubt that your desk will have all the Spring feels this season. We want to hear from you! What spring decor do you add to your desk?

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