Deets with Diane: My Interview from Hell

Hey guys! I am back with an update and so much has happened. I won’t go over every single but I will focus on my road to finding a job. Speaking of that road, it was long, hard, and a lot to handle at times. It actually gave me a new, humbling perspective as a recruiter to see the other side of the interviewing process as a job seeker.

Being fully transparent, I went on about 10 interviews – some were good, but one stuck out to be exceptionally bad. I decided to share this cautionary tale with a lot of my job seekers so you can save yourself the trouble that I enviably found myself in.


I applied for a Non-profit Campaign Coordinator because of my undergraduate degree, my experience in marketing and the job description sounded appealing. It described the working environment as team-oriented, working with clients, and planning events. These are all things that I love, so of course, I had to apply! The next day, I got an email to come in for an interview – this girl was so excited!

From the moment I walked in, there were SEVERAL things wrong. To make this story short, I will highlight the key horrible points for you…

    • I walked in and The Weeknd was playing loudly. While I’m a slight fan of The Weeknd, I’m not a fan of the unedited version, and definitely not at an interview.
    • There was a line to get interviewed all at the same appointment time as me – 4:00 pm
    • There was no bathroom in the suite – if you wanted to use the bathroom you had to go next door.
    • There were only two employees in sight of the very small office area.
    • Once in the interview, the interviewer read from a document about the job description with no eye contact whatsoever.
      • Note: the actual job was product promotion at Best Buy – not the job I applied for.
    • The interviewer did not ask me any questions about my background or why I wanted to work there.
    • After the subpar interview, the interviewer then walked me out of a back door like it was a drug deal. 

Later that night, I received a call to offer to move forward in the process, as I began to ask a question, I was abruptly hung up on.

Naturally, I was extremely heated, so in true fashion, I replayed the interview repeatedly over my head and vented to friends. After continuously reviewing everything that took place, I realized that I had made a vital mistake as a job seeker: I did not do my research.

    • Note: I did not properly research the company. The company had only been in business a few months under a new name and the old name had tons of bad reviews of it being a scam.

A lot of people told me that I should have walked out of the interview, but I decided to stick it out against my better judgment.

Well, there you have it, folks! Again, this has been a long journey I am finally happy to say that my job search has come to end. There will be more updates about my new found corporate life in North Carolina, but I hope you are able to use my experience as a lesson when you are out on your own journey.

The Take-Away: Always do your research! Whether it is an event, business venture or interview do your due diligence and look into it.



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