You Need a Shoe Drawer at Work

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Shoes can make an outfit, and even your day. Transforming your outfit (and mood) from just a regular day to fashionista superstar.

But with the spring weather of rain and the occasional freak snowstorm, you don’t always want to break out your cute shoes. Nothing can ruin your morning like stepping into a puddle in your flats or peep-toe heels. Wet shoes and wet feet? No thanks!

Lugging your shoes to work on a day-to-day basis isn’t always ideal either. With a purse, lunch bag, and gym bag, who wants to add another bag?

That’s why I present The Shoe Drawer.

Image: Brianna Krueger


A drawer at work filled with all your beautiful and cute shoes to make your outfit and your day, without adding another bag strap onto your arms.

Other reasons your shoe drawer will come in handy:

  • For all those times you end up having to run around the office in your heels or finding your flats rubbing against the back of your heels the wrong way, you have instant relief by having a selection of shoes to swap on.
  • For the days where the weather changes from cold in the morning to hot in the afternoons, you have footwear that’ll let you embrace change.
  • For when you’ve got a hot date after work but don’t want to run home to switch out of your boring work shoes, you’ll have a variety to go from day to night.
  • For the days you’re late to work or wear mismatching shoes, you can fix it at your desk without hiding your feet.
  • For when you have too many shoes* at home that you simply need another place to start keeping them.

*There’s no such thing as too many shoes. If someone says there is, they’re wrong. Always.

All that’s left to do is some shoe shopping!

person wearing yellow shoes
Photo by Dids on

8 thoughts on “You Need a Shoe Drawer at Work

  1. Love the reason that you have too many shoes at home and start storing them in a desk drawer. Great article, Brianna!

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