Graduation Gifts for Aspiring Girl Bosses!

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Graduation season is in full effect! This is such a beautiful and inspiring event for young graduates as they embark out on a new future. For many young women, they are entering college, leaving college for real-world adventures or simply choosing to go at life at a different pace. Whatever their choice (because it is THEIR choice), there are some things that every “Girl Boss-in-training” needs.

I know that giving graduation gifts can be somewhat cliche in variety (i.e. dorm room decor, a card, or money), but there are so many items that one can give a young woman that she can use far beyond her adolescent years in college and post-college.

A Power Bag

Some would argue that each woman needs a power bag. For me, it is a satchel; for you, it might be a chic tote. I love the that not only can I carry a notebook, makeup, and on the go essentials, but I look fabulous when walking into any social setting. Because I am naturally shy, the bag gives me a sense of confidence making me feel like a boss superhero (kind of weird, I know). A power bag adds sophistication to any ensemble and can give someone a little bit more confidence.

Chic woman with handbag.

Portfolio Binder

A portfolio binder can be very helpful when entering the real world. It gives the illusion that you are prepared even if you have nothing in it. Of course, you WANT to have something in it – notepad, pen, and any documents that may be discussed during a meeting (hint, hint resume). I have had my portfolio binder for years and it has never let me down yet.

Beautiful business woman


Studies show that some of the most successful people write their goals down on paper. This is a habit that is perfect to start when embarking on a new journey. Whether it is writing down feelings, goals, thoughts, or wants this is a perfect gift for the future girl boss to manifest her goals. 

Planner mockup and Stationary. Flat lay, top view


In the world of selfies, professional headshots are severely underrated. If you want the perfect Linkedin profile picture or if you are featured at an event or an “About Us” page a professional headshot is a must. Depending on what you do for work, it could be used rarely or frequently. Either way, it is something to keep in your back pocket.

Gift Hint: You could always call to arrange a gift certificate/card to a local photographer or JC Penneys Portrait for professional headshots. 


If you are giving a gift that lasts, you can’t go wrong with a book. For a graduation gift, there are obvious choices to inspire a young entrepreneur like #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso or You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero that will give her a laugh and great tips on finding yourself.

Gift  Saving Bonds

Buying saving bonds are a perfect choice as a gift for a graduate. They are investments that can be used for travel, capital for a business, or other girl boss ventures. If you are interested in this form of a gift, there is a process and you can read up on

Savings bonds

What gift do you think is perfect for aspiring girl bosses? 

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