Top 7 Tips for ”Work at Home” Mom Life

Guest Blog written by Monica Chong
Here are the top 7 tips for work at home mom life…


Having a routine is crucial for getting things done and for a good balance when things are so busy. Though I can work anytime because it’s from home, I prefer to have a big bulk of it done when the kids are napping. I also work a bit while they are up and busy playing and doing other things. But having their routine down is when I can get a big chunk of things done so it is priority for some sort of routine.

Have a great support system

Knowing you have family, friends, whoever it may be, to help support you is key. There are days when things WILL be tough. Running a home business can play tricks on the mind, sometimes, and you need that extra support. Call a friend, ask for help from a family member to take the kids for a bit. Ask the husband to pitch in a bit more. Whatever it may look like for you, we all need some extra help sometimes.

Remind yourself of the WHY or WHYS you have

Every dream should have a why behind it. Your why can be a person, people, a statement you want to make. Whatever it may be, let that be your drive day in and day out. There will be a whole bunch of days where you might feel burnt out. You might have days where you feel extremely discouraged and unproductive. Use your why to keep you grounded and to remind you to never give up!

Set aside a special space for you

I’d say this one might seem minor, but isn’t. Even though it’s not much or anything fancy. Even if it’s tucked into a tiny corner in your room, make a space for you to get work done. It is so much more fun and special when you have an actual “space” in your home to get things done. Makes it more official.

Mindset is everything

A huge part in balancing work at home work life from my experiences would have to be the change in my mindset. Every day can be a battle. Some days, you see progress and others you may not. Changing your mindset NOW can help immensely and is actually necessary! A good balance comes with a good mindset FIRST! Knowing things will be hard and knowing not to give up is key.

Be disciplined over being motivated

Everyone has moments and times when they are so motivated and anxious and excited for things to come and some days, the fire just goes out! Leaving you wondering what happened. You will NOT always feel motivated. However, training your brain, repeating to yourself, even, that you gotta do “this,” you gotta do “that,” or “just get it done,” these help. Also, whatever it is that you are doing, if you LOVE to do it, it won’t take much to stay in this mindset. You should be getting right back up if ever you fall. Don’t STAY down.

Take breaks

If your plan is, for example, to work 5 hours a day, I’d recommend breaking it up. Don’t work the full 5 straight. If there are days you really want to do it that way, just maybe stay away from doing it that way everyday. Take time to read to your kids. Take that extra time to play that board game with them or take a family walk. Break your 5 hrs into 2 hrs then 3hrs. Or an hr then 4 hrs when they sleep. Or however, just break it up into chunks so you are still so present, which is the goal, right?
Monica Chong is a mom life and lifestyle blogger, My Life of Mess and Bliss. She is a mother of four with a fifth on the way and kicking butt mom-style to balance it all out. Check her out on instagram too!

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    1. Good Job My Baby Girl!! Awesome tips Nailed it!!! Hope it helps all the Moms out there!!!🤙😙😙

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