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5 Ways to Level Up for the New Year

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. 2018 is over and we are well on our way to entering the second month in 2019. Damn, that was fast! 2018 was life-changing for me; so much had happened and I want to keep that momentum up while entering 2019. Even though last year displayed some successes,… Continue reading 5 Ways to Level Up for the New Year

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Creating a Vibe with Animal Print

This blog post is sponsored by FSJ Shoes, all viewpoints on the products are honest and not influenced by the company. Click here for more shoe styles!  So, it is no secret that Fall is in full effect and unfortunately coming to an end in a few weeks. The natural thing to do is go… Continue reading Creating a Vibe with Animal Print

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Facing Imposter Syndrome

So you've graduated or finally got that job that you have always wished for. You understand that this next level in life demands a new version of you, "a more responsible version". Of course big accomplishments in life cause excitement, but sometimes bigger accomplishments can bring an overwhelming feeling. You may feel like a fraud… Continue reading Facing Imposter Syndrome

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7 Quotes to Get You Through the Work Day

Work can take a lot out of us. During the day as we go through meetings, various tasks and even problems in our social lives. Through it all, we need to keep sane. Though it's easier said than done at times, it is helpful to have quotes or mantras to keep us focused. Here are… Continue reading 7 Quotes to Get You Through the Work Day

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Little Lady, Big World Book Club!

 This post contains affiliate links  I would like to introduce the Little Lady, Big World Book Club! Here at Little Lady, we appreciate the importance of literacy in both our professional and personal lives. We want to encourage this by picking a book each month to discuss in various posts. Here's how we are going… Continue reading Little Lady, Big World Book Club!


Blogger Recognition Award

I am super excited to have been nominated for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award by Elizabeth at Family Farm School. By the way, I encourage everyone to check her blog out, she covers some great topics. I decided to take my blogging seriously in December of 2016 and being nominated for this award makes me… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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5 Last Minute Go-To Gifts For Mother’s Day

This post contains affiliate links Mother's Day is approaching and those of you that think ahead have already purchased your gift, but with my schedule, finding a perfect gift for my mother may be a bit difficult. For those of you who are running into the same problem, I narrowed down 5 last minute gifts… Continue reading 5 Last Minute Go-To Gifts For Mother’s Day

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Single Girl Safety Tips

Recently I had an incident that shed light on the importance of safety. To many, calling someone a “stalker” is used in a jokingly manner, but this was all too real in my situation. To give you a preface to my story about stalking, I was asked to give someone a ride to a job… Continue reading Single Girl Safety Tips

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I Went Vegan For 2 Weeks, This Is What Happened

I love meat. More Specifically, I love wings, ribs, steak, and seafood. But after feeling fatigued for many weeks, I thought I would give my body a detox. I really don't like detox cleansing methods where I am not eating actual food, so I thought that being on a vegan diet for a few weeks… Continue reading I Went Vegan For 2 Weeks, This Is What Happened

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Gut Check: Are You Keeping Up with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

So here we are - the second week of February.  Many of us had goals or resolutions that we intended on starting when 2017 began. Since it has been over a month, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals or make new ones. To re-evaluate goals, you first must change your mindset. Here… Continue reading Gut Check: Are You Keeping Up with Your New Year’s Resolutions?