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Company Culture: Create It

Brianna Krueger is a writer trying to make it big while not taking herself too seriously (unless you’re her boss – then she takes herself very seriously). Traveling and reading are her passions, especially since books are cheaper than airfare for all the cool places stories take her. She is always on the lookout for… Continue reading Company Culture: Create It

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Summer Trends for Work

Written By Mia Taylor Getting ready for work during summer time can sometimes be a kind of a catch 22. You want to be comfortable and not boil on your way to work, but also not freeze while there, which may seem like mission impossible. In order to help you get out of this conundrum,… Continue reading Summer Trends for Work

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7 Quotes to Get You Through the Work Day

Work can take a lot out of us. During the day as we go through meetings, various tasks and even problems in our social lives. Through it all, we need to keep sane. Though it's easier said than done at times, it is helpful to have quotes or mantras to keep us focused. Here are… Continue reading 7 Quotes to Get You Through the Work Day

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Do Not Waste My Time: Guide to a Successful Meeting

Scenario: You've been called into a meeting. You grab your notebook and pen to take notes, you try to organize relevant information and review the agenda to ensure you are prepared. The meeting begins and someone asks a question, the leader of this meeting sidesteps the question and goes off on a tangent - thus… Continue reading Do Not Waste My Time: Guide to a Successful Meeting

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Someone Made A Complaint About You at Work, Now What?

We have all been there: we have gotten on someone's bad side or made a mistake and in return, they said some "not so nice" things about you, but what happens when this person complains to your supervisor? It happens in life every day and in a social setting we may even confront them, but… Continue reading Someone Made A Complaint About You at Work, Now What?

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Cubicle Wars: Christmas Edition

Every holiday, the marketing group (in which I am a part of), we decorate our cubicles for some friendly competition with our supervisor being the judge just before Christmas. This holiday season was no exception – we pulled out all the stops and every department in the office was impressed. I decided to do a… Continue reading Cubicle Wars: Christmas Edition