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I Learned These Lessons the Hard Way

“Go shawty, it’s ya birthday!” That’s right! Last week was officially my birthday week, which means it is time to reflect on what HAS happened (good & bad), what I WANT to happen (reminding myself to be realistic), and all the pleasantries in between. Instead of going through every minute detail of being 27, I… Continue reading I Learned These Lessons the Hard Way


A Letter To My College Freshman Self

Now that Fall is here, I am seeing tailgates for college football and I feel so nostalgic. It feels like just yesterday that I was a high school senior turned college freshman. I was too geeked to be moving that hour and a half from my parents. It was my first taste of freedom and… Continue reading A Letter To My College Freshman Self

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Summer Trends for Work

Written By Mia Taylor Getting ready for work during summer time can sometimes be a kind of a catch 22. You want to be comfortable and not boil on your way to work, but also not freeze while there, which may seem like mission impossible. In order to help you get out of this conundrum,… Continue reading Summer Trends for Work


Blogger Recognition Award

I am super excited to have been nominated for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award by Elizabeth at Family Farm School. By the way, I encourage everyone to check her blog out, she covers some great topics. I decided to take my blogging seriously in December of 2016 and being nominated for this award makes me… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award